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Identity Crisis of the Granola Variety

on February 16, 2012

I’m finding myself both amused and delighted by the new ad campaign for Kraft’s MilkBite Granola Bars. It takes a unique approach that couldn’t be more suited to its target demographics. (Given that granola bars are usually eaten on the go, I’m assuming it’s probably the 35 and under group)

The campaign is comprised a series of ads that introduce us to Mel the MilkBite, a new product from Kraft that is part milk, part granola, and completely unsure of who he is. He is anxious, confused and yet wholeheartedly committed to discovering himself, rendering him an entirely relatable mascot.

Mel accurately captures the somewhat self indulgent nature of the Facebook generation, as seen by his pithy comment in the picture above, and if you go to his profile, you’ll find that it’s full of emo drawings and instagram photos.

His accessibility also extends to young adults. A recent Time magazine survey showed that 85% of recent college graduates will move back home with their parents. Adults are marrying later in life, and will likely switch careers more times than those of their parent and grandparents generation. How does this relate back to Mel? Identity is increasingly becoming a more tenuous proposition, and things are increasingly less clear cut than they were in generation past, so the uncertainty of our adolescence is following us more and more into young adulthood.

I’m enjoying Kraft’s lighthearted and rather apt to connecting with the American psyche. Instead of trying to sell empty promises, Mel the MilkBite’s anxiety and confusion is holding a mirror up to our own.


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