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The Gestalt of a Product

on March 28, 2012

The  simplicity of this question gets right at the heart of it,  “Would you recognize a popular product without its label?”  And it drills down past the font or the color scheme, right to the very shape of the product as a way to examine how deeply brands have saturated our lives.

For me it was the angled sides of the cap that gave one above away. It makes sense that as we take in products as a whole we see the colors and the shape and the styling of it, so even when you remove something as key as color, the profile of some objects are iconic enough to spark recognition of certain products. The way some of these  products have an essential claim to certain shape, (much like the brands Kleenex and Xerox are synonymous with their product, rather than just a brand of a product) shows how powerful packaging can be.


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